Roland V-8HD HD Video Switcher

Versatile, portable, and reliable, the Roland V-8HD HD Video Switcher brings a world of creative options to live event switching. The all-in-one hardware design eliminates computer setup hassles and software-based crashes, while the HDMI workflow and loaded professional toolset streamline production and reduce stress on the gig.

Creative professionals need more video inputs for layered graphics and visual effects, and business professionals often need multiple backup video sources. Having the ability to meet all these needs brings satisfied clients and greater audience engagement. With the V-8HD’s generous number of HDMI inputs and outputs, you’re able to offer clients a vast amount of creative freedom—without increasing the budget.

The V-8HD’s eight-HDMI connectivity, five-layer effects engine, built-in display, digital audio mixer, memory presets, automated switching, and various control interfaces. Roland’s V-8HD covers every angle of your event with fast, reliable set-up on even the tightest budgets.

A studio-grade, 18-channel audio mixer blends signals from the eight HDMI inputs and stereo RCA inputs combined with feature-packed preset effects library provides setups for everyday production environments like meetings and interviews, plus challenging situations that require wind noise reduction and microphone de-essing.

The five-layer effects engine provides video effects, layers, and graphics to add polish and excitement to any production. With the V-8HD’s five composition layers, you’ll always keep audiences engaged with visually appealing content.

Many technical elements contribute to a successful recording. But forgetting to hit the record button means the difference between getting paid for the job or not. Via HDMI, the V-8HD operator can trigger Atomos recorders to start and stop recording. And some camcorders even display a recording confirmation icon on the input channel of the V-8HD’s multiviewer screen, letting you keep an eye on the recording status while staying focused on other critical tasks.

Then, control the V-8HD with a dedicated remote control app turns an iPad into an efficient touch interface for the V-8HD. Run essential switching functions, mix audio with virtual faders, change settings and effect parameters quickly, and create up to eight custom scenes for fast, efficient setup changes.

Switch via Automated Video Switching or hands-free switching control via footswitch to execute over 100 different switcher commands. Beats Per Minute (BPM) Sync is also available, automatically switching Preview and Program at a specified tempo.

The Roland V-8HD will make its international debut at the 2020 ISE Show (stand 1-H125), Feb 11 – 14, RAI Amsterdam.

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